Its the year 2017 , the age of technology and progress.

Gone are the days when recruitment was a reactive process, the modern recruiter is more proactive than ever before. Posting a job on various Job Boards and hoping that the perfect candidate would come to you is so passe.

The new age demands us to adapt .. to change .. and to embrace this era by Sourcing passive candidates and creating that perfect fit between a job and talent.

Here are 3 unconventional ways to find the perfect match !

1.) Source Social Media 

As per a recent study , it was concluded that facebook is the number 1 social media site followed by twitter and then Linkedin at number 3 in many countries. This clearly explains that we need to turn our efforts to where the people are.

Posting the job on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook in addition to the regular job boards will bring you higher visibility.


2.) Master Boolean Strings 

So, you found a great tool that helps you source or your Linkedin Recruiter works like magic? wonderful! but what happens when you run out of credits or need to buy a license .. doesn’t seem so great now does it? A good recruiter would always master the art of Boolean strings.

Remember, Tools and Extensions are always meant to be sourcing support and never sourcing solutions.

Boolean strings can help you get accurate and more relevant results country wise for linkedin. You can also use Xray or Flipsearches to uncover blogs or resumes of potential candidates. Boolean strings are great for finding candidates on Linkedin, Facebook, Google, Github or Xing to name a few.

giphy (1).gif

3.) Networking for Talent 

Professional networks can also help identify passive but qualified candidates who are not actively job searching. As a recruitment strategy, networking enables you to get your message out about your company, culture and opportunities beyond the posting process. It can cultivate interest and increase the candidate pool. Invest the time to keep your connections alive and to expand them.

Candidates needs to associate a ‘Human’ to the part of Human Capital. Learn to engage actively with your connections on social media. Always ask for references , Good talent knows Good talent.