Nowadays it seems like every business is on social media. If you are a business owner, you want your business to be on there too. But, what is the best way to do so? As a IT PR firm, we’ve gathered our favorite social platforms to show you how you can use them effectively, and the best examples to get inspiration from.


Instagram is a great visual platform to showcase products, events and promotions. It comes with a stories feature, which you can use to visualize a brand. This can be a meet-the-team or a follow-me-around to show your clients what your brand is about. It is also very effective to do Q&A’s and showcase your company culture. If your business embodies show, don’t tell, then use Instagram. Make sure that you are posting consistently and always use high-quality images. Check our guide on how to create the perfect Instagram aesthetic.


Facebook makes it easier for your clients to find essential information about your company. Your Facebook page should include your hours, location and contact information. Once that is established, you can share articles that talk about your industry, photos and ask questions to engage with your audience. Facebook also has great targeted ads that you can use to advertise to potential clients. You can use them to promote videos of your product or to announce recent sales.

Google + 

Similar to Facebook, Google social platforms should also contain updated business information. This will be what your clients see when they Google you, so you want to make a great first impression. These platforms also showcase reviews. When your business gets reviewed, be sure to respond promptly. You could also create an outline for your marketing team so responses are consistent with your companies’ voice.


Twitter is a great tool to examine what people are saying about your business. If you are expecting a lot of buzz due to an upcoming event or campaign, it would be smart to jump into the conversation on Twitter. Being a boutique PR firm, we always keep track of what people are saying about our clients on Twitter.  Don’t forget to use hashtags and to engage with your clients. Check Twitter regularly so you can address any tweets and mentions quickly.


This is where the most polished and professional side of your business comes out. Unlike the other platforms that we addressed, LinkedIn focuses on potential employees rather than just clients. With this new audience in mind, you can share company highlights, news and your unique company culture. If you are hiring, you can post about it on LinkedIn. For your clients on this platform, share industry news and the interesting happenings of your business.