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One day Workshop on “Innovation and Design Thinking”
In the cut throat competition of today’s world, the word innovate is quite often used as a saviour to the existing business or services. No one so far has given a systematic approach on how to innovate. You need not be a qualified engineer or an MBA to innovate. Anybody and everybody can innovate, in his or her area of work, if the innovating approach is systematic. In this program you will be able to brainstorm in a systematic way and innovate a few ideas, for implementation. No idea generated is to be sidelined, because idea generates new ideas. In a world that grows more complex and intensely connected each day, strategy and design thinking are no longer just the playground of design-focused companies. Organizations of every type and industry can (and must) use core design principles and applied creativity to develop innovative strategies that better connect them with their end users.
According to the IBM 2017 Global C-suite Study, “Organizations of all sizes are prioritizing personalized customer experiences. The enterprises that most effectively deliver on this imperative are using design thinking to manage complexity, orchestrate across channels and truly understand their customers’ motivations.” To this end, organizations have three critical tasks: filling the funnel with a flow of creative ideas, validating those ideas and prioritizing the best ones, and shepherding them from seed stage to market.
The Program on Innovation and Design Thinking will provide participants the tools they need to take a design project from inspiration and insights to ideation and implementation, and understand the full scope of organizational innovation and strategy.
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